Strings in JavaScript Part 2 (String handling- dissecting, splitting, and searching)

In Part 1 of Strings in JavaScript, we looked at how to format text using JavaScript, and along the way uncovered a hidden talent of the language. In this follow-up/ concluding tutorial, things get a bit grittier as we venture into the string itself, and learn how to slice and dice 'em . Let's get the ball rolling..

String handling in JavaScript

String handling basically means the dissecting and manipulation of a piece of string (not to be confused with string formatting). Some people devote their entire careers to this task, though as JavaScripters, we aren't known to exhibit such loyalty to the topic (or any other, for that matter!). In this tutorial, we'll look at the methods of the String object that deal with string handling, such as looking up a particular substring within a string, splitting it into many, and more.