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The below are tools I've created that will automate some of the most common JavaScript effects used on the net.

JavaScript 1 Combo Link Box Generator:

(NEW!) This is the fastest way to create custom combo-link boxes, with absolutely no programming required!

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Combo Link Box:

Make a
.Combo Link box example
JavaScript 1 Roll-over Generator:

Don't know how to create roll-over effects for images? Don't worry, I'll do it for you, in a matter of seconds...

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Roll-over effects:

JavaScript 1 Link Checker:

JavaScript Kit's Link Popularity Checker: Ever wondered who has a link to your site from theirs? Some search engines make it fairly easy to find that out, so I've decided to automate that process...
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Check back often to see changes in the results!

Please send me your feedbacks regarding how I can improve, or create additional tools!

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