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Cut & Paste JSE internal seach engine v 1.0a

Credit: Tri-State Consultants /modifications by JK

Description: JSE is a highly robust, 100% client side search engine for indexing and searching your own site, using JavaScript 1.3. Some of JSE's noteworthy features are:

  • Uses regular expressions to efficiently and rapidly search the index for matches based on the entered keywords. Supports basic logic (ie: negation).

  • Returns the results on a seperate page from the search form itself, neatly formatted. Uses session cookies to transmit the query between the two pages.

  • Stores the index (url, keywords and description for each page you wish to be "crawled") in the "results" page. This means the index is loaded only when a search has actually been performed, saving on bandwidth and download time.

  • Searches title, description and desingated keywords within the index for a match.

  • Works in IE4+, NS4, and NS6+.

Furthermore, the script itself is extremely small- less than 5k in size. JSE is a good way to add local search capabilities when you don't have access to a server side method. 

Example: We've set up JSE to index several of our JS tutorial pages.

Enter for example: "math" or "session cookie".


Download the following zip file, and refer to "doc.txt" for installation instructions.

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