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Cut & Paste JavaScript Slideshow (increment preload image)

Credit: FPMC

Description: This is a unique slideshow script that, unlike most other, will intelligently preload its images one at a time, while the preceding image is being shown. The script will actually "wait" until the next image is successfully preloaded before continuing, trying again if not. Contrast that to other slideshow scripts, which mindlessly preload all of their images beforehand. Use this script if your slideshow contains a lot of heavy duty images, and you don't want your visitors to wait forever (literally) before he/she can see the slide.

Example: Notice (by looking at the status bar) how each image is preloaded only while the former is being shown:


Simply add the below where you wish the slideshow to appear. Configure the first two lines in the script, AND also, the <IMG> src in the HTML portion.

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