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Cut & Paste JavaScript Graph-it!

Credit: JavaScript Kit

Description: Create graphs out of raw data using Graph It! Just input the name/value pairs of the involved graph elements, and leave the rest to the script. The values can be either absolute or percentage (using two versions of script).

Graph-it allows you to render more than one graph on the same page simply by invoking the key function multiple times.


Example 1 (using absolute values)

What is your favorite news site?

Example 2 (using percentage values)

What is your favorite news site?

Since Example 1 is created using absolute values, the script also displays the total value (participants) at the end. 


Step 1: Below contains two versions of Graph It!, the first requiring that the graph values be absolute (ie: 35, 123), while the second, in percentage (ie: 25%, 75%). Choose ONE of the below scripts, and add it to the BODY section of your page:

Absolute values version:

Percentage values version:

Step 2: Save the following image (by right clicking, and selecting "save as"), and upload to your web site. It's the image used by the script to create the bars:

(enlarged for easier download).

Follow the comments inside script to input your own data.


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