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Cut & Paste Flashing image border

Credit: JavaScript Kit

Description: Use this script to decorate any image(s) with a dynamic, flashing border. Great for drawing attention to images that require it, such as a banner ad. Functional in IE4+ and NS6+, with support for multiple flashing borders per page.



Step 1: Add the following stylesheet into the <HEAD> section of your page:

Step 2: Insert the below at the VERY end of your webpage (ie: right above </body> tag):

Now, to apply the flashing border effect to any image, simply add the following attributes inside its <IMG> tag:

id="flash0" class="flashgroup"

incrementing "0" if you add the effect to more than one image. Here's an example:

<img src="table.gif" id="flash0" class="flashgroup">
<img src="desk.gif" id="flash1" class="flashgroup">

FYI, you may configure the border color and flash speed/color by changing the color inside Step 1 and variables inside Step 2, respectively.


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