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Cut & Paste Epoch DHTML Calendar

Credit: Nick Baicoianu

Description: Epoch is a flexible DHTML calendar that supports several display formats, such as inline on the page, as a DHTML date picker, or an calendar that with the ability to select multiple dates. Best of all, it's released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, so you can use and distribute this calendar for free inside your web pages and applications.

Inline calendar:

Code: var calendar = new Epoch('cal','flat',document.getElementById('container'),false);

Inline calendar with multiple date selections (rows and columns):

Code: var multiselect_calendar = new Epoch('cal','flat',document.getElementById('container'),true);

Date picker calendar:

Code: var popupcalendar = new Epoch('cal','popup',document.getElementById('inputid'),false);

Epoch Calendar supports automatic date formatting – US, European, or create your own!

Directions: Simply download "Epoch Calendar (v1.06)", and refer to the html page inside.

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