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Cut & Paste Credits screen

Credit: JavaScript Kit

Description: Add a TV-like credits screen page to your site with this script! It displays a "credit" window that slowly scrolls down continuously, revealing the contributors' names bit by bit...just like the credit screen on TV!

Example: See credits for JavaScript Kit


Step 1: Insert the below into the <body> section of the page that will open the credits page (ie: this page):

You'll also need to add a link like the below, which is what the users will click to activate the credits screen:

<a href="javascript:opencredit()">See credits for My site!</a>

Step 2: Click and save the following HTML page into your webpage directory (credits.htm). This is the HTML page that contains the credits themselves. You obviously want to edit it to contain your own credit lines. Just don't remove the script inside of it.

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