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Cut & Paste Count up from any date

Credit: JavaScript Kit

Description: A twist to the good old count down script that counts up instead. Specify a past date (ie, the day you got a job), and let this script count how long you've been suffering in it!


Directions: Simply insert the below into the <body> section of your page:

There are two areas of the script you'll need to configure. The first is obviously the date you wish the script to count up from. Simply pass in a date, in the form of year, month, and day, into function countup(), located at the last line of the script:


The second concerns the text to be displayed for the count-up. This is determined by the line

document.write("It\'s been "+difference+" since the launch of JavaScript Kit!")

You can change anything inside document.write(). The keyword "difference" holds the number of days passed since the count-up date, and should always be included in the message of your choice.

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