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Ajax Tooltip script
This Ajax script enhances the default "title" attribute of HTML so certain tooltips can instead get their contents from an external file, with rich HTML content and all. Integration is easy and non obtrusive.

Bread crumb script
This script displays on any page a "trail" (aka bread crumb) of where the viewer is currently at in relationship to the rest of the site. It does so by examining the directories that prefix the page, and displaying this containership (using links). If your site pages are organized using folders, this is a simple yet very useful navigation aid.

Browser Reload Link
Use this script to reload the browser window through a standard link.

Button slideshow ("The HeadLiner")
A button slideshow that "slides" among different text. Each time the text changes, its function also changes.

Confirmation box
A pop up box that gives users the choice to enter a page or not.

Dynamic highlight link script
Use this nifty script to add a highlight effect to any link when the mouse passes over it, with the highlight color for each link fully customizable. Great way to add emphasis to particular links on your site! Requires IE 4+ or NS 6 to see effect.

Follow Link Upon Mouseover
A script that causes a link to the "followed" as soon as the surfer moves the mouse over it (as opposed to clicking it).

Follow link upon Mouseover II
A script that causes a link to the "followed" as soon as the surfer moves the mouse over it (as opposed to clicking it). Unlike the first version, this one loads the target URL in a secondary window instead. Great if the links are to another site, and you don't want to "lose your visitors."

Form Box tooltip
A script that displays additional information about a link in a form box as the mouse moves over the link.

Home hot key
A script that jumps back "home" when "h" is pressed. In other words, a script that allows you to specify a target url to go to when "h" is pressed. Requires NS 4+ or IE 4+

Inline HTML Tooltip
Inline HTML Tooltip lets you define rich HTML tooltips that are embedded directly inside your webpage and that appear when the mouse rolls over links on your page. The tooltip appears directly beneath the anchor link, and adjusts its position dynamically based on whether the mouse is too close to the window's edges.

Link Fader
This script will "fade" links on your page from their original colour to a different colour as the mouse cursor moves over them . A nice visual effect that works in IE and NS/Opera6, degrading well with the rest.

Link of the Day Script
A "dynamic" link that goes to a different URL each day when clicked on, out of the 31 days (max) in a month.

Link of the month Script
This is a simple enough script that displays a different link each month (out of 12 months). Got an "employee of the month" link you wish to put up? :)

Link tooltip
Add more meaning to your text links with Jim's tooltip script. A dynamic box pops up alongside the link as the mouse moves over it, providing textual information.

Referrer Checker
A security script that checks the URL the surfer came to to arrive to the current page. If its not the specified URL, the surfer is denied access. Use this script if you wish to allow surfers to enter a page only through a predetermined previous page.

Referrer Checker II
The complete opposite of Version 1 above, Referrer Checker II *blocks* access to the current page from visitors derived from specific URLs. Useful, for example, if a questionable site has a link to your site, and you do not wish their visitors to gain entry.

Rollover Check box links
An alternate version of the popular rollover effect script that checks a check box instead when the mouse moves over a link. Not too useful, although quite amusing.

Rotating link button
A rotating button that goes to different links.

Text link underline remover (works with NS 4+ and IE 4+)
The below code will automatically remove the underline beneath all text links in a document.

TV show remote control
A script that allows users to go to websites of popular tv stations.

Untouchable button link
This is the untouchable button link, at least in IE 4+ and NS 6 it is! Good for driving your visitors up the wall.

View Page-Source Script
Use this script to view the source of any html document easily.

Wheel of links
We are constantly thinking up of fun ways for your surfers to navigate the WWW from your site...that's why we created this "wheel of links" script. Take the wheel for a spin, and see where you end up!

Note: For random links, see random stuff

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