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Arrow onMouseover
This script displays an arrow image alongside the link when you move your cursor over the link. Furthermore, the arrow blinks while the mouse is over it. Nice visual effect.

Background Music script
Liven up your webpage with music, using this cross browser background music script. Note that the visitor's browser must have the appropriate midi plugin installed in order to hear it (default download with full install of both NS and IE).

Blur Image effect new01.gif (1016 bytes)
This Blur Image script lets you easily blur an image by varying intensities, either instantly or gradually. It uses the excellent StackBoxBlur library to power the effect, and works in all major browsers that support HTML5`s canvas element.

Click banner enticer script
Use this script on your advertising banner to increase click thru rate! It randomly chooses from a pool of "motivational" messages to show in the status bar when the surfer moves her mouse over the banner.

Day-of-the-week image displayer
A script that displays a different image according to the day of the week (ie: one image for Monday, one image for Tuesday etc).

Depressible images
Like rollover effects, only the effect initiates when someone holds down the image. Requires Communicator or IE.

Different background image according to time of day
A simple script changes the background image four times a day, depending on the time period.

Displaying a different image depending on whether its morning or night.
Displays a different image depending on the time of the day.

Flashing image border
Use this script to decorate any image(s) with a dynamic, flashing border. Great for drawing attention to images that require it, such as a banner ad.

Image rollover script
This is a small, compact JavaScript that lets you easily assign a rollover effect to any image on the page. The script preloads both images involved for a smooth transition.

Images Order rotation script
Use this unique rotational script to mix up the display order of a series of images. It's useful, for example, when you do not wish to give preferential treatment to any one image or image link. Created by user request.

Image zoom in/out script
This is an impressive script that allows you to conveniently zoom in and out of an image. Functional in IE4+, NS6 and Opera 6+, the script does not push content around the image aside as it is zooming, unlike most similar scripts out there.

JavaScript Graph-it!
Create graphs out of raw data using Graph It! Just input the textual data, and leave the rest to the script.

jScale Image Scaler
jScale is a practical jQuery plugin that lets you easily scale an image on the page proportional to its original dimensions in numerous ways. Simply set the new desired length of any of the image's two sides, and have the script scale the other side accordingly. Supports animation and callback function.

JK Pop-up image viewer
Use this feature-rich image viewer script to allow your visitors to selectively choose an image to view, by clicking on links. The image is launched in a separate, fit window. Displays an optional text description beneath each image.

HTML5 mouseover/ Click sound effect
This script uses HTML5's new audio element to allow you to easily add sound effects to any action on the page, such as when the user clicks or rolls over a link. The script works in all browsers that support HTML5, which currently are IE9+, FF3.5+, Chrome/Safari 3+, and Opera 10.5+

Overlap Image Viewer
Overlap Image Viewer lets you quickly associate an image with any element on your page, so that when the mouse rolls over it, the desired image is shown on top of it. A nice "dimming" effect is applied to the element while the loaded image is shown.

Plus Size Image Viewer
Plus Size Image Viewer automatically adds a caption beneath certain images that when clicked on launches a "plus size" version of the image. The enlarged image can be a different image from the original, so the former is loaded only on demand when requested.

Pop-up image viewer
This is a useful image viewer script that launches the images in a separate mini window, using a drop down menu. The great thing about such a script is that the images do not have to be of the same dimensions.

Preload images script
Preloading images refers to loading images into browser cache prior to displaying them, and is used when you wish certain images to be revealed instantly when called upon (such as in a rollover effect). Use this script to preload any number of images easily.

Preload images script II
This cool script will not only preload images, but update you on its progress, live, using an update bar (all constructed using code!). Requires Internet Explorer 4+ to work, with all other browsers simply bypassing the preloading.

Preload images script III
Another preload image script with a graphical bar updating the visitor on the preloading process. Works in IE4+ and NS6+, and degrades well with other browsers.

Random Background Image
A script that displays a random background image each time the document is loaded, out of three.

Random Background music player
Plays a random background music. Chooses from 3 midi.

Random Background music player 2
Plays a random background music. Chooses from 5 midi.

Random Background music player 3
Plays a random background music. Chooses from 10 midi.

Random Image
Displays a random image (out of three).

Random Image Link
A script that loads a random image with the corresponding link. Supports unlimited images.

Rollover effects for images (This will take you to my onMouseover whipper)
The very popular rollover effects with images. When mouse moves over it, changes to another, than changes back.

"What's New?" image
This is a very practical script that allows you to display a "what's new" image beside new content for a certain amount of time, then disappear automatically when the time expires. Just set a date, and the image will be displayed up to and until that date, then automatically be removed.

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