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Animated UL lists
This jQuery script adds flare to your UL lists, by animating the items into view, one item at a time. You can get each item to slide in from the left, drop in, or even spin before making their way to their destination. It harnesses the power of CSS3 transitions to do its bidding, by animating any defined CSS properties before and after values.

apTabs script
apTabs is an unobtrusive HTML/JavaScript Tabs solution using the Prototype framework. Regular H2 header tags are used to render the tabs themselves, and DIVs for the tab contents. A novel feature is the ability to scroll the tabs horizontally to display lots of tabs in a confined space.

Content Tabs script
Use this versatile script to divide long content on your page into "virtual" sections, with each section viewable by clicking on a corresponding tab. It's a great way to display your content in an interactive, less overwhelming way to your visitors.

DIV Content Overlay script
This script overlaps any DIV on your page perfectly with an overlay box when the mouse rolls over the former, then hides the box onmouseout. This sliding box can be used to show anything from text to images/ and rich content, and set to slide in from any four sides of the primary DIV beneath it.

Fade In Content Viewer
This script turns ordinary HTML content wrapped around DIV tags into a series of interactive contents, with one faded into view on demand! You can use it to spotlight new or important contents on your site. And since each content is simply normal HTML on the page, setting it all up is painless.

HTML Table Filter script
This awesome script adds to any html table a "filter by column" feature that enables users to filter and limit the data displayed within a long table. It even works on tables with uneven rows. The script automatically adds a filter grid bar at the top of the desired table.

Random content
Easily display a random piece of content chosen from many on the page to your visitors using this script! Just wrap the participating contents each inside a DIV with a special CSS classname, and that's it! Furthermore, you can have multiple "groups" of random content, with the script picking one to display randomly for each group.

Random-order content
This script lets you shuffle the display order of regular content on your page. Just wrap the participating contents each inside a DIV with a special CSS classname, and the script will scramble the order in which these contents are shown on the page from top to bottom! You can have multiple "groups" of random order content, with the script scrambling each group independently.

Sortable Table script with alternating row colors
This is a plug and play table sorting script that can be applied to any table on your page, with support for features such as alternating row classes and specifying a certain row to not be sortable.

Sortable table
A "plug and play" script that makes your regular HTML tables sortable! Click on the table headers, and the column that follows is sorted either in descending or ascending order. Easy to install, and functions in IE5+ and NS6+.


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