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Alert (once) message script
Alert a basic message to your visitors when they visit your webpage. And to not irritate them, the script controls the frequency of this alert to only once per browser session.

Animated Information Bar
This script mimics the interface of the IE ActiveX information bar that slides into view from the top of the browser in displaying information to your visitors in a eye catching way! The bar slides in view and remains static on the screen even when the user scrolls the page.

Credits Screen
Add a TV-like credits screen page to your site with this script! It displays a "credit" window that slowly scrolls down continuously, revealing the contributors' names bit by bit...just like the credit screen on TV!

Daily information feeder
This is a sophisticated JavaScript that displays daily bits of information to your visitors. It automates rotates the messages according to date, so you don't have to. Cool!

Display time of last visit
This script records the date+time of your visitor's last visit and displays it upon their return. If this is their first visit to your site, a greeting message is shown instead. Very cool!

Drop down messages
If you've got lot of contents to show and not a lot of space, this is the perfect script for you. It compacts and adds interactivity to any deserving information. Use the drop down box to first select a topic, and corresponding content is automatically displayed below it.

Message Encrypter
Encrypt messages, and more importantly, decrypt them back, using this fun script. Use it to communiate with your friends in secrecy!

Message Transformer
Transform your text messages in a variety of ways, such as into "all caps", "pig Latin", or even "encrypted form", using this fun script!

Morse Code converter
This message script changes any word or phrase into morse code, with dashes represented by underscores and dots represented by full stops. "Help. Help. I'm stuck in cyberworld."

Post-it note
This is a cross browser "post-it note" script. Use it to broadcast special events or news on your site. Easily dismissed, the script also allows you to specify the frequency of its appearance (either once per browser session, or every time the page containing it is loaded). 

Time of day message
Broadcast a different message on your visitors depending on the time of the day. The script distinguishes between morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night, and midnight+.

Tip of the day
If you run any sort of "content" site, this script is an invaluable tool for making that content more dynamic, and to keep your visitors coming back. It's a "tip of the day" script that serves up a different tip daily!

Note: For random messages such as random quote scripts, visit the Random Category.

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