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adapt2screen Window opener (Requires Java-enabled browser)
A script that opens a secondary window with the size adjusted relative to the screen resolution of the surfer. You can specify, for example, that the secondary window always be 50 pixels smaller than the screen of the surfer, regardless of the screen size of the surfer.

Animated Window Opener
Opens a secondary window that expands to cover the entire screen before loading the specified document into it. Requires IE 4.x or NS 4.x to see the effect (although all other browsers will still open the secondary window.

Break-out-of-frames script
This script detects if your page is trapped inside someone else's frames, and automatically breaks out of it! We use it on the frontpage of JavaScript Kit to avoid entrapment by another site.

Channel mode window Opener
Opens up a window in channel mode (with the IE channel strip appearing on the left). Requires IE 4.x, although all other browsers will still open a window.

Close window button
For some reason, this is one of the most requested items we get script wise. It's a close window button that, well, closes the containing window when clicked on. Comes in two flavors- a form button, or regular text link.

Customizable second window
This cool script will allow users to open a secondary, customizable second window.

FairWell window launcher
I got the idea for the following script from a site I recently visited. When I left, a cute little window popped up, thanking me for visiting their site, and urging me to come back real soon. The window actually made an impact on me, surprisingly. Here is a script that does just that- pops up a small, toolbarless window as the surfer leaves the page. To avoid over-irritating your surfers, the script comes with the added feature of only popping up the first time the surfer enters and leaves the page.

Full Window Opener
Opens up a window that spans every inch of the screen. Requires IE 4.x, although all other browser will still open a window in "normal" full screen mode.

Internal scrollable 2nd window
Loads up a second pop up window that contains an internal scrollable section (Requires NS4.x)

Keep-in-frames script
If your site uses a frames setup, you probably do not want the containing pages to be accessed individually. This script ensures they are not.

Left-To-Right Scrolling Window
An alternate version of the above scrolling window script that scrolls the window from left to right, and over again.

Pop-under window
Pop-under windows are becoming increasing popular as a less intrusive alternative to popup windows. Use this script to add a pop-under window to your page; simply input the page/address to pop under, and off you go!

Pop-under window II
This second version of the Pop-under window script randomly selects from a pool of URLs to load in the pop under window.

"Regular" full screen window Opener
Opens up a window in regular full screen mode, with only the title bar present.

Scrolling Window
A scrolling window script that automatically scrolls the window all the way to the bottom of the document, then starts all over again. Great for presentational web pages.

Time controlled Popunder window new01.gif (1016 bytes)
This versatile popunder window script allows you to precisely control how often the window pops under, in terms of "once every x hours". For example, specifying 24 hours translates into the script popping under only once a day.

Window Mover
Opens up a second small window and moves the window around in a circular fashion. (Requires NS 4.x)

Window remote control
A remote control that loads links into the main window.

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