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Cut & Paste Different page for different screen resolution (Requires NS 3.x, 4.x, or IE 4.x)

Credit: Aviv Salem

Description: A cool script that determines the screen resolution of  the surfer, and sends them to a different page (out of 2) depending on whether his/her resolution is high or low.

Example: No example available.

Directions: Simply insert the below into the <head> section of a BLANK html page. As soon as the surfer enters this blank page, he will be immediately taken elsewhere, depending on his screen resolution.

Author notes: "If your screen size is below 800X600, you'll get PAGE_FOR_LOW_SIZE.htm,
else you'll get PAGE_FOR_HIGH_SIZE.htm. This script work on ns.3,ns.4,ie.4. any other browser will give you the default page. Replace the caps names with your pages names. you can replace the correctwidth=X and correctheight=Y to the desired screen size."

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