The new attributes, events, and methods

First off, as mentioned, the new marquee now supports rich HTML contents and CSS, able to interpret and render other tags contained inside of it:

<marquee><big>Big scrolling text. Big scrolling text.</marquee>

<marquee><img src="1.gif"> <img src="2.gif"><img src="3.gif"></marquee>

<marquee><style=background-color:yellow;border:1px solid black">Big scrolling text. Big scrolling text.</style></marquee>

-The new attributes

A host of new attributes have been introduced that make everything from changing the marquee's dimensions, scroll direction, and even speed, possible. Here they are, in full force:

Attributes of the <marquee> tag of IE
Attributes Description
behavior Specifies how the marquee should scroll. Valid values are: "scroll", "alternate", or "slide." The default value is "scroll."
direction Specifies the direction the marquee should scroll. Valid values are: "left", "right", "up", and "down." The default value is "right."
width Specifies the width of the marquee, in px or % units.
height Specifies the height of the marquee, in px or % units.
scrollAmount Specifies the amount in pixels the marquee should scroll each time it's redrawn (see scrollDelay). The default value is "6".
scrollDelay Specifies the amount in milliseconds between times the marquee is redrawn. Default value is "85".
trueSpeed Specifies whether the marquee should catch up with any skipped cycles. The default value is "false."
loop Specifies the number of times the marquee should repeat itself when it reaches the end of the message. The default value is "infinite."

Define any one of these attributes directly inside the <marquee> tag itself (as with any regular HTML attributes). I think the descriptions above pretty much speak for themselves, so let's move on.

-The new events

A JavaScripter dream come true, the <marquee> also supports a good number of events:

Events of the <marquee> tag of IE
events Description
onStart Fires just when the marquee is about to scroll.
onFinish Fires as soon as the marquee has completed scrolling.
onbounce Fires when the marquee has reached it's end and begins to reverse directions. Applicable only if behavior attribute is set to alternate.
onMouseover Fires when the mouse moves over the marquee.
onMouseout Fires when the mouse moves out.
onClick Fires when a click is detected on the marquee.

Clear enough...lastly, let's show the new methods of this tag:

Methods of the <marquee> tag of IE
Methods Description
start() Starts the scrolling of the marquee (after it has been stopped)
stop() Stops the marquee.

You may want to print this page, as it serves as a quick reference to all that's new in the <marquee> tag of IE.