Programming the <marquee> tag of IE

Many years ago when the <marquee> tag was first introduced in IE 3, the sole reason for it's introduction, many would say, was just to spike then Netscape. "Hay, we support something Mozilla doesn't!" was pretty much the mentality behind it's creation. The rendered effect was eye catching for sure, but not a whole heck more...

Well, quite some time has passed since then, and along with that, it seems, a shift in this childish mentality of the tag's developers. Not only is <marquee> back in IE 4 and upwards, but with a vengeance. The tag is now fully scriptable, and it's interface, enhanced to support HTML tags and CSS styling. For the first time, we can actually say it's a useful extension of IE! In this tutorial, I'll explore with you the "new" <marquee> of Internet Explorer, and see just how things have improved over the years.