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Extreme Tracking Extreme Tracking: A very cool free tracking service for your web site!
#1 Free Stuff: As the name puts it, one of the best places on the net to get free stuff!
Free stuff online: Looking for free stuff online? Here you are...

[Free Chatrooms]

  • ParaChat: Instantly add a free java chat room to your site!
  • ChatPlanet: One of the best, most reliable free java chat rooms available!
  • Internet Chat Exchange: Another very fast java chat room.
  • Never used this java chat room before, but looks very high class.

[Free Message Boards and Forums]

  • Inside TheWeb: Ever dreamed of having your OWN message board for your site? Well, wake up. This free service offers any site a free fully functional message board. The reason why its free is because the message board resides on their site, thus allowing them to advertise with banners on it.
  • Vantage Net: Add a free forum to your website...any website!

[Free stats and counters]

  • (new) The Counter: A very cool free stats service that counts visits, referrers, screen resolution, OS, and more! The best part is, the counter is invisible! No ugly banners to put up. They generate revenue through banners shown to you when you check your stats on their server.
  • Stats: Another free stats service that tracks visiting countries, IP addresses, and operating system of your surfers.
  • Page count: Another banner based counter that counts IP addresses and referrers as well. Very large banner though.
  • A free stats program that tracks total viewing time of a surfer.
  • WebSide Story's Hit Box: The best free counter on the net. Period. Counts unique hits, impressions...even forecasts how many future hits you'll receive based on the hit rate now.
  • Siteflow: This is yet another counter service. It differs from WebSide Story in that it also records surfer's domain name, browser type, previous url, even the operating system they used to get to your site. Very slow though.
  • site-stats: Banner based regular counter. Look above for better deals.
  • WebTrack: Another stats counter. Has 500 hits per day limit.
  • Free counter: Fill out a survey and get a free counter. Never tried it.
  • NetStad: Another free stats counter. Looks good.
  • ToolBox: A regular graphical counter. Finally, you say.
  • Cam's Dynamic counter: free regular counter.

[Free mailing list, newsletter.]

[Free Guest books]

  • (new!) A highly customizable, fast, and easy to configure FREE guestbook service! Very cool!
  • Lpage: Get a FREE guestbook for your website, from the perhaps most famous Guestbook Server on the WWW!
  • A customizable guestbook.
  • Another very good guestbook:


  • Win 95 Themes archive: Great collection of windows95 themes!
  • #1 Free Stuff: As the name puts it, one of the best places on the net to get free stuff!
  • Free Stuff SuperMarket: A free stuff directory featuring everything from free games, software, to cliparts and counters.
  • Free For Free: A great webmaster's freebies site featuring resources from free guestbooks to scripts and counters.
  • Free Stuff! Over 3000 links to the best free stuff on the net!
  • Free Stuff on the Internet: A nice directory of free stuff on the internet.
    Your Daily Freebies: A huge site featuring new Freebies every single day!
  • Amazing Free Webmaster Goodies: Free webmasters resources here.
  • 7 a.m live ticker!: Get a free live ticker for your website that displays the latest news from YahooNews, CNN, and tons more! Amazing!
  • JShop: Want a FREE JavaScript shopping basket for use for your online business? Look no more...
  • The Java Boutique: The BEST place on the net to cut and paste Java applets onto your webpage, with no programming required! Features over 140 little applets, from text scrollbars to audio effects.
  • Matt's Script Archive: This is THE place to get free CGI scripts for your website.
  • 123Greetings: Webmasters, add a greeting card to your site so surfers can send and receive cards from your site!
  • JShop: Want a FREE JavaScript shopping basket for use for your online business? Look no more...
  • Experts Exchange: A great place to demand answers regarding everything and anything about computers. Javascript, WIN95, Java, you name it. This site ensures high quality by giving you access to experts who volunteer to help you. One person can only ask a very limited number of questions each month though.
  • FreePPP: Want free access to the net?! Click here to surf the net without paying a cent
  • Mike Bonnell's Computer Wallpaper: Absolutely incredible wallpapers for your computer screen-comes in all sizes to fit any screen, 640*480 and up.
  • Font of the Day: A very good site featuring new fonts EVERYDAY to download for use with your programs!
  • NetForward: A email fowarder that lets you choose a "virtual" email name to forward to any of your current email addresses.

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