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From Peter Miller, a surfer: "This has got to be the biggest, baddest, and coolest web resource guide in town!"

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[HTML Tutorials:]

[Dynamic html]


  • Hotstye: Check here for fresh links to the coolest JavaScript sites on the web!
  • Ask the JavaScript Pro: A self proclaimed expert who will help you with JavaScript.
  • CommPass Point: A good collection of JavaScript and general web building links.
  • Very basic JavaScript tutorial: As the title puts it, this is a very introductory one-page-guide that will help start thing off in the right direction.
  • RHuge Java and CGI collection: Click here for links to great java and cgi script archives!
  • Java Help: Lots of resources and Java/JavaScript and general web building.
  • The Java Hermit: Hermit or not, this site has some great unique Java applets you can add to your site right now.

[Free Web Graphics]

.Animated Gifs: .

.Buttons, icons, and bullets:

  • Icon Browser: Welcome to a universe of icons!
  • Terry's gifs: TONS of cools little gifs to add to your page. Includes downloadable zipped up ones!
  • Graphic station: A lot of icons, bullets, and buttons for your taking!
  • Andy's Art Attack Absolutely huge database full of free graphics and graphic links!
  • Digit Mania: Looking for digit and counter gifs? Look no more.


.Clip art:

[Free WebPages]

  • GeoCities: Get five megs of FREE web space, in one of the largest communities on the net!
  • Hypermart: Free 10 megs of web space, plus the ability to upload and use CGI scripts and MS FrontPage extensions.
  • Tripod: Two free megs, plain and simple.
  • Fortune City: 10 megs of free homepage...that's right, 10!
  • One stop: Get two megs of free web space here.
  • Tao Tree: Three megs of free space.
  • Angel Fire: 200k of free web home...allows you to put up a business site.
  • Free Nation: An Asia Pacific web host that offers 5 megs of free space, plus CGI scripts.
  • Internet the City: Free webpages, email... the works.

[Software Tutorials]

.MS FrontPage
  • Complete FrontPage Resources: This site features a complete listing of FrontPage resources...it also includes tips and tricks about it. Check it out!
  • FrontPage97 Help: If you didn't find it here on JK, you'll probably find it here.

.MS ImageComposer

.PaintShop Pro



  • DesktopPublishing: A huge site featuring tutorials and resources on all aspects of web publishing.
  • ZDTips: Free subscription to tips mailed to your box on a lot of today's software every week. From ZDTips.


  • Free Promote: A site that will help you get more hits by providing you with valuable tips. Also will submit your site to targetted engines.
  • JavaScript Garage: A very cool free service that allows you to enter you url, and instantly generate a online report detailing how your site performed in areas such as popularity, dead links, and load time. Excellent!
  • WebUnion: A chinese banner advertising network. If you are targetting Asian surfers, this is the service to go.
  • WWW BroadCaster: This super FREE service will automatically submit your site to OVER 200 search engines/webmedia. Holly Cow!
  • Submit It!: A "Top 100 Site by PC Magazine" that submits your site to over 20 of the most popular search engines on the net for free.
  • LinkExchange: It's a "free public service designed to help web sites advertise each other. The concept of LE is simple: by joining, you agree to display advertising banners for other LE members, and they agree to display banners for you." (This is the only other banner type GeoCities will allows its users to post besides its own.)
  • AddMe!: Submits your site to 34 of the most popular directories for free with only one form. (Not that that's new, though)
  • A Webmaster's Guide To Search Engines: Contains tutorials on how you can help yourself in the never ending quest to better categorize your site for search engines. VERY informative.
  • Electronic Advertising: Get paid 25 cents each click-throu for putting up their banner!
  • Shout Ad: Similar to E Ad; pays you 25% of all ads they sell through your site.
  • Banner Swap: Swap banners to get noticed!
  • Virtual Promote: Learn the tricks to get more hits, apply for awards, find more publicity resources-its all here!
  • Award it: Ever wonder how people got their awards? By applying! This sites has tons of awards, from different sources, where you can apply for.

[Web TV]


  • Music Odyssey: This is the best place I know to get midi for your website...organized into many categories, such as pop, new age, rock, you just name it!
  • Midi Farm: Over 4000 midi to grab, for free!
  • Jack's Shack: Contains a huge collection of midi, with lots of Beatles midi too.

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