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The internet and customer support (three parts)

The internet has just began to finally capture the attention of mainstream businesses other than those from Silicon Valley. Most of these businesses know that in order to service in the 21st century, they need to be online. Most, do not know, however, what they should actually be doing online. Type in the name of a company in your browser, and what you're most likely find is simply a crude (sometimes even poorly designed) web site listing what products the company offer, a few names, and contact info. Will a website like this do the company any real good, besides impress the computer-illiterate boss that his/her company is "online"? Probably not. What a company needs is a functional web site that does more than just look pretty- or pretty stupid. The two big things that comes to my mind right now are-ecommerce, and tech support. I'll discuss the later in this tutorial.

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