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Red_CurlyC035.gif (995 bytes) A recent "joke of the day" email list sponsorship

A month earlier in January, I had tried an email list called "Joke-A-Day" at www.jokeaday.com. Their daily email goes out to about 100,000 recipients, all of who have asked to be on their list. (no spam!)

Cost: I placed the following advertisement for around $100...


JDD Publishing has taught thousands how to do it online - they can teach you! Recently in publications by Inc. and PC Novice - Come see why...


Can't get to the site? Sign up for their FREE weekly newsletter.
It's full of internet marketing help and business classifieds! Mailto:Subscribe@JDD-Publishing.com with "Subscribe for free!"

The results?

My sales for the week were up by about $300 -- well over the total I spent for the ad. I also received just under 100 new gazette subscribers who reported finding me through my jokeaday ad.

My rating on a scale from 1 to 5: (4)

I'll have to admit, going in I was a bit skeptical. After all, was this audience targeted enough? The answer was YES! I have since used their advertising twice and plan to continue advertising with them on a regular basis.

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