Conditional comments of IE

Different browsers support different tags/ scripting features, and as webmasters, the challenge for many of us has always been on how to incorporate and make use of these various features while at the same time taking browser degradability into consideration (whew).

Consider the lovely yet IE-specific HTML tag , <MARQUEE>, as an example. Apart from using JavaScript's document.write() method to meticulously write it out, most webmasters are at a lost what else they can do to ensure that non supporting browsers don't pick up the tag and split it back in the visitor's face (literally).

Well, IE (starting in IE5+ to be exact) offers a unique solution to this whole content degradability matter that is, in our opinion, truly revolutionary, both in its ease of implementation, and versatility. Called Conditional Comments (CC), it was love at first sight for us. Ok, time to stop the rumbling, and start talking.