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How do I get awards for my web site? (part 2 of 4)


  • Cool Site of the day-A very hard to win daily award. Very well known and will help attract visitors, since winners are showcased.
  • NetGuide award: Also a hard one to get, but the payback is great in that it will actually help your site grow.
  • Starting Point: You can't receive this one by simply applying, but by applying and getting enough votes.
  • USA Today award: This one also isn't easy to earn, but worth the hassle, since winners are shown on their site.
  • Link Monster: Finally, you actually get something if you win! I received a free software when I won, although the competition was tough. I was told I beat out over 1500 sites that day to win this thing. Go figure.
  • DX Award: You should apply for this one only if you have a commercial site. Highly prestigious.
  • Lycos Top 5%: Definitely apply for this one-it'll boast your traffic, assuming you come out alive.

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