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Here are the BEST free web graphics you can easily add to your pages to spice things up! Not all web graphics are created equally, and I've spent countless hours finding only the best ones for your pages. To get the images, simply "right click" the image, and select "save as" to download it. All web graphics are believed to be in the public domain. If one's not, please email me immediately.

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Web Graphics Category
General Backgrounds General Backgrounds 2
General Backgrounds 3 Left bordered backgrounds 1
Left bordered backgrounds 2 Bullets
Buttons Clip arts
Netscape and email icons, under construction signs etc.
Clip arts 2
Animated email icons, bookmark me images, animated bullets etc.
Christmas cliparts
Christmas images
Clip arts 3
Animated Australia, Canada, and US flags. Animated compass, counter, cowboy etc.
Clip arts 4
Animated cartoon characters.
Clip arts 5
Netscape and IE icons, animated signs and email images.
Clip arts 6
Animated characters.
Clip art 7
Misc. animated clipart.


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